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Company Information

Founded in 2003, Bondfiles Inc Network has become The Internet's Biggest Shopping Cart with all of The World's Leading Brands, Products & Services. The Biggest Network in the World with Shoppers from: United States, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Japan Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Vietnam, Ukraine, India, Algeria, Spain, Israel, China & Singapore and many more cities.

Growth Highlights

After becoming President and CEO of Corporation Bondfiles Inc in the August of 2003, We led our full-service, commercial development team into new markets. Land sales volume set new records in one year. We understand the relationship between leadership and profitability. Our major joint ventures have been very impressed with our ability to make them money, even in tough markets. We have streamlined the administrative staff, realigned the marketing efforts and fashioned various new debt and equity financial structures. Overhead has reduced 50% and sales have doubled.

The Future

Bondfiles Inc Network will branch out to Department Stores, Internet Cafes and more effective Shopping Malls that will stimulate the American Economy and break the mold of the status quo of Shopping. Generate millions in less than a hour minus the leg work and manpower plus stimulate economies all over the world.

Executive Summary

Bondfiles Inc Network is a start-up online store that provides a global range of products and merchandise at sale prices. Financing will come from the private investments. IBondfiles Inc is incorporated as an Type S corporation. This shields the owner from issues of personal liability and double taxation. The investors will be treated as shareholders and therefore will not be liable for more than their personal investments. With an agressive marketing plan Bondfiles Inc Network expects to experience steady growth as it becomes more familiar to the general public online and offline.

With the financing in place Bondfiles Inc Network will be able to successfully expand and maintain operations. The large capital investments will provide the public with a unique and innovative site that will cater to the needs of those on fixed incomes such as low income families, the elderly, paypal, credit and debit card holders, and students. The successful operation of Bondfiles Inc Network will provide a customer base that will allow it to be self-sufficient.

1.1 Objectives

To provide a global range of products and merchandise at sale prices.

To achieve a healthy profit margin.

To achieve net profit.

1.2 Mission

Bondfiles Inc Network provides a global range of products and merchandise options at sale prices. Dedicated to the best deals, Bondfiles Inc Network will give its patrons the kind of service that is respectful and prompt. Advertisers of Bondfiles Inc Network will also be treated in a professional partners. Bondfiles Inc Network wants each customer to get First Class deals without retail costs.

1.3 Keys to Success

To succeed in this business we must:

Sell a global range of products.

Provide for the satisfaction of 100% of our customers.

Encourage advertiser input.

Company Summary

Bondfiles Inc Network sells products and provides excellent customer service for the general public. We have several websites which we use to market , advertise, market, and merchandise our products. I

2.1 Company Ownership

Bondfiles Inc is a privately held Type S- corporation. With ownership by Robert L. Gilyard (100%).

2.2 Start-up Summary

Start-up costs will be financed through investment. Other miscellaneous expenses include:

Legal fees for corporate organization filings.


Bondfiles Inc Network sells a global range of quality discount products and merchandise. The types of merchandise we carry include items such as dishware, household goods, toys, cosmetics, candy, greeting cards, and a list of items too exhaustive to list here. The merchandise is purchased from a variety of well-known manufacturers as well as a number of other small business, international branded companies. Shipments arrive on a daily basis. We will continue to find new product lines that can be added to our inventory. We are able to sell products at very low prices, that cannot be sold to a manufacturer's usual brick and mortar customers. Top Quality products, No attitude, And Safer Shopping by choosing Bondfiles Inc Network today. We listen to what the Shoppers want and relay the needs of our shoppers to our partners to bring you better deals than your local stores and malls.

Market Analysis Summary

We expect sales to increase steadily as consumers find that they can purchase a global range of quality items at bargain prices. We intend to tap into the retail market with pricing that will encourage quantity buying, and our pricing will attract consumers on fixed budgets. Our target market is the online portion of the shopping community. This includes the elderly, students, upper, lower, and working class individuals, many of whom are price conscious and looking to find a value for their dollar.

4.1 Market Segmentation

Bondfiles Inc Network intends to provide affordable shopping alternatives to working class families, upper, middle, lower class shoppers, for elderly people on fixed incomes, and also a large student online population that tend to be on strict budgets. Online shopping makes up the largest market segment. We expect this market to grow at a rate of 10% per year. This market constitutes the general public who are looking for affordable merchandise at bargain prices. Nursing Homes constitutes the second largest market with a fast growing retirement community. There are also many student communities that shop and will add to the percentage of consumers.

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

We focus on the price conscious online consumer who is looking for value as well as quality. If we can attract and keep these online consumers the word will continue to spread about what our store has to offer.

4.3 Industry Analysis

In an ever changing economy the online store model is becoming more popular with the consumer. Providing a large selection of bargain-priced items is our intended goal.

4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

Consumers demand quality name brand products, fair pricing, and a convenient website. The selection of products and merchandise a store provides is also very important.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Bondfiles Inc Network uses a strategy of total market service. Our promise is in our products we sell, the people we attract, and the atmosphere we create. We will present a store that is pleasant to shop in with a large variety of merchandise to choose from. Ultimately, we are selling more than just merchandise. We are selling convenience. We want to provide the kind of convenience that will provide an atmosphere that creates a positive shopping experience for our customers.

Strategic Assumptions:

Every person online is a potential customer. Marketing to these segments of the population will lead to an expansion in overall market growth.

5.1 Competitive Edge

The large variety of merchandise we carry. With the sources we are working with it will be possible to carry many name brand items at a discount price.

5.2 Marketing Strategy

Bondfiles Inc Network will benchmark our objectives for sales promotion and mass selling. We are focusing our marketing effort on the online community of consumers that want a store which has an interesting variety of merchandise below prices. We will implement a strategy that treats these customers as a community. This means our marketing resources will be centered around both sales promotions and social networks. We will stay within our marketing budget. Marketing promotions will be consistent with the Mission Statement.

5.3 Sales Strategy

All potential sales will be attended to in a timely fashion and long-term online relationships will take precedence over sales closure.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

As we become more familiar to the public we expect to gain more market share and would like to see progressive growth as we head into the following year. Bondfiles Inc Network, with an aggressive marketing approach expects to increase its share of the market by offering a unique options to discount shopping. Note: For company purchases, the per-unit price of inventory purchases includes cost of shipping.

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