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Bondfiles Inc

Phone- 574-326-7007


Contact: Robert L. Gilyard
Office: 574-326-7007

Bondfiles Inc Announces Bondfiles Inc Network 

Bondfiles Inc, the world's biggest global network online, announced the launch of a new Bondfiles Inc chain, Bondfiles Inc Network. The Web's Hottest site for the Latest Coupons, Codes, Deals, Sales and More from the Best Brands in Business and Entertainment. You'll always get the lowest and Greatest Prices on All our Merchandise from the Clearance Racks to the High End Services. If you, like me, want quality products that you can afford, then by now, you should realize that our products will be perfect for you. We will continue to provide your loyalty with valuable savings opportunities as well as Coupons, Codes, Sales, Free Stuff and Weekly community announcements. Sincerely, --The Team at Bondfiles Inc: Online

"Many people love shopping, but most stores are local, "said Bondfiles Inc CEO Robert L. Gilyard. "We felt there was a niche for a new type of online shopping for people who are looking for deals and discounts from the same stores they shop without the the stress and retail cost of shopping at the brick and mortar stores."

Although there are many brick and mortar chains, Bondfiles Inc Network intends to offer more discounts, deals, and sales, having developed a cutting edge means of shopping online. "At Bondfiles Inc Network you'll be able to get just about anything," Gilyard continued. "Our shopping technology has changed the game in online business. It allows us to display a larger and global range of products, and hard-to-find merchandise on site longer."

Bondfiles Inc will open Bondfiles Inc Network in august 2003. Beyond that, more sites are planned. "Our goal is to be one of the best online shopping sites in 10 years," Gilyard said.

Bondfiles Inc is headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, selling over 4 million products worldwide.

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The Need: People all across the world, from seniors in retirement homes to kids in third world countries, want products they have no access to.
The Fix: Bondfiles Inc Network gives customers the access to buy name brand, luxury, personal, and bulk products in a non discriminatory environment using computers, laptops, smartphones, Iphones, Ipads, and mobile phones from anywhere in the world. Products delivered everywhere and anywhere in the world. Find the Need, Feed the need. That is how the Bondfiles Inc Network became one of the Biggest Networks in the world.